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December 14, 2012
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"Damn it, damn it." You hissed under your breath, "Why does it exist, why!?" Your whisper turned into a shout of irritation. Your arms tucked in firmly under your arm pits, your body bracing against the bitterly cold winter you head out into the white snowy terrain, into the icing topped woods. You stumble through the white woods, shivering and rattling like a child's toy, muttering under your chaffed blue lips.

Why were you out? Oh because your mother felt it would be good to get some fresh air. Just standing on the porch of your stone cottage in the middle of winter would have sufficed but no, you were shoved out the front door, with only a leather jacket. You forgot your hat, gloves and scarf and now little beads of tears leaked out the corners of your eyes from the pain of the cold. The thing is, you didn't have anything else to do. You couldn't walk or even drive into the village to see your friends because it was too damn far, at least ten miles away. Your friend Becky, who coincidently had two Huskies, had rung to say she was dog sledging over tomorrow…her father had been making the sledge today. He was a semi-professional carpenter.

Your boot suddenly catches in something in the snow and you fall. You cry out and shove your hands out to stop your fall, but a blast of burning cold envelops your already blue hands. You scramble up; snow sticking to your hair and the snow on your face wasn't melting. You shudder and whimper. You often felt like this at night in the cottage which had been bought in the summer when it was hot, it was such an old crumbling cottage, with a great fireplace that didn't work because it was blocked (being sorted your dad had said cheerfully) and while the electricity was all right, the heating was not. Also there were patches in the roof and in the stone brick work that allowed cold air to get in.

Really the only upside about moving into the most remote part of the countryside was the scenery which you adored. If there was one thing you were proud about yourself, it was your difference to other girls. You doted on the smallest of things and appreciated things that other girls didn't even notice, let alone give a second glance. Like the scenery. The scenery was beyond beautiful. Your cottage was nestled snugly in a small hillside, and in the distance and around you, you were protected by hills and glens and a beautiful forest, which in the autumn had displayed the most incredible colours of red, gold, orange and yellow, like a fire. At the beginning of winter, when frost latched onto the green grass, sparkled on the red leaves and glistened in the sunlight like silver stars you had loved it. You usually did. You loved winter or at least until today when you had forgotten your hat, gloves and scarf. This morning, you'd woken up to find another few feet of snow had fallen. The air was still and silent and the whole area was magical.

You had to admit, as you brushed yourself down it was exquisite. You couldn't blame Jack Frost for this when it was absolutely stunning. It was your fault that you'd left the winter essentials behind. The air itself seemed to shimmer with silvery white light, and little crystals flecked the ridged bark.

Another thing about you that you were proud about, even if you felt a little self-conscious about it, was that you loved all things magical, legendary and in most cases, unbelievable. You wanted desperately for all the fairy tales and great novels to be true, your heart would ache for it whenever you finished reading such a novel. The sad thing was…you were seventeen. Lots of people said that you were mature for your age; your friends said otherwise, that you were crazy, hyperactive and mental.

You shivered again, suddenly cursing Jack Frost in your mind again and then snapped crossly:
"Stop thinking of Jack Frost, he's not real…at least I wish he was." You mumbled as a fresh wave of frigid wind slashed at your face unexpectedly, and you trudged on. You did have a destination, but because of all the snow, you really had no clue where you were going, so you just meandered randomly. It was freezing but you began to enjoy yourself, the familiar crunch of your boots, the way the snow rested on the ground. It was when the sun began to dip lower that you realised you were lost, lost in a seemingly never-ending forest that looked the same each way you turned. You felt a trickle of worry edge into your thoughts as you pressed on, shaking from the cold…the temperature had dropped again. You gritted your teeth in frustration…if only the damn heating would work – you had a thick duvet in your bed though, plus twenty pairs of thick, fluffy woollen socks, all shades of colours, ten jumpers and plenty of hot water bottles to keep you company during the night if you so needed it. Oh and hot chocolate…you couldn't beat a good hot chocolate with cream and soft marshmallows. You grinned blissfully and longingly as you thought of what awaited you when you reached home again…if you found your way back out of course.

You were so immersed in your thoughts of warmth that you hardly paid attention to your direction or the fact that the trees thinned slightly.

You then you found it.

You beamed and you felt your heart pound with relief and delight as you saw the snow-untouched lake. It was massive, silvery and cerulean. In the summer, when you'd first moved down to the country you'd found this lake and had even swum in its warm waters, swum to its depths, now you wouldn't dare go in, but…it was so tempting to go on the ice, like you'd done as a child. Inching forwards you cautiously edge out onto the lake, taking tiny baby steps, testing the strength of the ice under your weight. You felt stupid for being so careful but your heart was racing with excitement. The ice creaked dangerously and you freeze, but after a moment you relax and tread out more confidently onto the ice, your steps more buoyant.

You're glad there was no one to watch you make a fool of yourself. You felt like a child as you skidded and slipped across the ice, giggling all the while. You would take a run and then slide on your grip-less shoes. Many times you fell on your face and your bum, and you were trembling with exhaustion and cold by the time you'd had enough. You were convinced the ice was thick enough if it had held you charging across it. You half skidded to a side of the lake where a rock rested, and you hauled yourself up onto a little ledge and just sat there. You felt a little hot and sweaty now which actually you were grateful for, even if you did feel like your hands were going to drop off. It reminded you of your previous daydream.

You smile around you. You didn't mind being on your own, in fact you enjoyed solitude quite a bit. In both summer and autumn you would come out into the woods or take extremely long walks across the hills and glens to just be on your own, or to find a spot and sit and think or to read, write or draw. You suddenly wished you'd brought your sketching pad, pencils and watercolours with you, even your camera…it was so beautiful at the moment, just the water frozen lake and the ice sculpted like trees around you.

You sit there for a long while, brooding on whatever came to mind when suddenly a horrible artic like wind streams across your face. You gasp and huddle into a ball. It was time to go home you thought as you peeked up through the gaps of your arms at the skies that were now thick grey, and you stiffly uncurled yourself and stand up on the rock and then realise to your annoyance that you have to cross the lake again. You'd been out long enough for your mother to be satisfied that you'd enjoyed the 'fresh air'. With a sigh you clambered down and start walking back over the ice. Suddenly a sharp multitude of cracks meet your ears and you stop. A cold tugging sensation pits in your stomach as you look down. Myriads of hairline cracks, silver blue spread out from your feet. Your breath turned ragged as you inched your feet apart. Isn't that what they say to do? Spread yourself. So you did even if you did feel ridiculous.

You shuffled forwards, your feet slipping too far apart and suddenly your foot caught a particularly slippery area and you slammed down onto the ice, your body twisting, your face grazing on the sharp ice particles.

Your cry of shock is drowned by the abrupt cracks as the ice shattered under your body and gripping cold wetness that tumbles over your body. Every nerve is burning from the frigidness of the icy water that envelops you and reaches past through your clothes and you instinctively kick up and reach your hands out to the surface but all you touch is the freezing wall of ice. Panic and lack of oxygen builds in your chest, bubbles bursting from your numb lips as your scratch and pound desperately at the surface, wisps of blood trail from your finger nails as your claw at the iced surface.

Your chest is burning, burning, it's unbearable and you instinctively open your mouth to breathe but instead the onrush of ice water gurgles down your throat. You splutter and cough but more water goes down your throat, the band across your chest squeezes tighter….
And then a sluggishness sweeps across your body, you feel heavy and tired as if you've been awake too long, the water feels like your bed at home, the cold a blanket of warmth. The edges of your sight are dim, blurry, trying to focus but the pain starts to vanish and everything grinds down. If this is death…it isn't that bad you think faintly but as you fall away from the masses of ice above you, you see white fingers stretching out to you…

Something is pounding at your chest. You moan as dribbles of water choke its way out of your lungs and you can breathe. You cough and choke, gasping. You keep your eyes closed, breathing out as evenly as you can, but unable to stop the shaking. Compared to the unbearably freezing frigid cold water, the air above was almost warm in comparison. But you are shaking uncontrollably. There was no way you could get back to the house like this.

Eventually you unpeel yourself from your curled up state and peek through ice encrusted eyelashes, the light causing a piercing pain to shoot through your eyes and your head. You're on the embankment of the lake, resting in feather like snow. You sit up shakily, gulping and shuddering. You try and move your fingers, and they unclench with difficulty, pain racing up them like nothing you've ever experienced.  You couldn't even gather your incoherent thoughts, other than that you weren't sure how you'd gotten to the bank.

"I hate winter…" You whimper. "I hate it…I hate all of this!" You suddenly cry out, more from the pain that was seizing your hands and face then actually being angry.

"If you don't mind me saying, but winter just saved your life." A soft, almost mocking voice, full of indignation whispers behind you. You shriek, jumping up looking around wildly, suddenly realising there was no way you could have gotten out of the lake by yourself and wasn't there a hand reaching for you? Did you even fall in the lake? You whirl around again and see a massive hold in the ice. You contemplate that and spin around again to the voice, but there was nothing there. You then realise that of course you fell in the lake. You were wearing clothes for goodness sake and they were sodden wet, but stiffening already.

The sky, which had clouded over was now releasing giant soft flutters of white snow. Despite your shaking body, and chattering teeth you reach out and grab one…it didn't melt on your hand for a moment. The intricate details of crystalline flake were mesmerizing.

"Not bad eh?" That voice again, you blink, spinning around, or staggering considering your legs felt like you'd run for fifteen miles, until you caught sight of him. You blink several times and his eyes widen as you gape at him.

It was a boy, about your age, with hair as silver as the moon on a misty winters night, skin so pale it was almost like the snow itself and eyes…his eyes were the most beautiful blue you'd ever seen. The blue of great melted ice water pools that resided on great ancient glaciers. He wore a blue hoodie that was interwoven with silver like thread at the top and shoulders, like ice or frost and beige sweatpants that also had interwoven frost like patterns. The one incomprehensible fact that he was strange and beautiful was one thing, the fact that he was sat on a tree branch, high up was even stranger, and the he wore no shoes. He didn't even look cold. Balanced on his lap was a sort of stick, curling at the end, and it too was weaved with silvery frost.

You could only stare through the gentle shower of snow that was dusting you and him in a light coating. He gave you a little grin, blue eyes sparkling mischievously, and then he dropped from the branch.

Your scream of horror died on your lips as his descent slowed and finally he landed without so much as a thump. You can't think straight and you shiver beyond all control.

"You… you can see me!" His face breaks into an excited expression of wonder and astonishment. You trembled, cocking you head at him, why shouldn't you be able to see him exactly?

"H-h-how-w d-d-did y-you get up there…and why aren't you wearing any shoes and…why wouldn't I be able to see you" You stammer, clutching at your body for any preservation of warmth without much hope. You were so cold; it felt like every part of you was immersed in ice cubes. The strange and beautiful boy smirked and you noticed how his eyes seemed to flint like the sun passing through the ice and then they softened a little, turning into pools again.

"You gave me a scare you know, it was a good thing I was watching you or you'd be… anyway, here, I took your coat from your room when I saw you go outside without one. You mortals get cold so easily." You could only gawp dumbfounded as he waved his stick and a misty blue light emitted from it and inexplicably your coat was in his hands. He outstretched it towards you but you could only stare, shaking. You weren't sure which part of his speech you found more disconcerting. That he'd been watching you, he'd been in your room or that he'd called you a mortal. You shook your head sluggishly.

The boy raised one eyebrow quizzically at you and then shrugged, trudged over and wrapped your coat around you. But he didn't let go, he kept his arm around your waist. His very presence sent chills down your spine and despite you being frozen; you couldn't notice how very handsome he was.

Your lips trembled as you tried to speak. Both from cold and that a boy was being well...that a guy was holding you like he was. You didn't have much experience with boys, you were often too shy.

"Are you okay?" He asked gently, but you couldn't ignore the roguish smile that played on his lips.

"Umm…t-the drowning part, I'm f-fine, but y-you," You suddenly get annoyed by your stutter and braced yourself to speak normally, "You were in a tree and then you jumped, and didn't fall and landed fine and then you say you've been watching me and been in my room and you just brought up my coat with your stick-" The boy had started to grin widely as you ranted but at the word stick his eyes widened.

"My stick!?" He snapped and you cringed. He stepped away from you with both his eye brows raised.


"This stick can do anything, as long as it's something to do with winter and frost of course." He lent on it, both hands wrapped around it as he stared at you.

"Did you save me?" You blurt out suddenly. The boy grinned again and winked.

"Yes I did. I thought the ice was thick enough so I didn't refreeze it over, sorry about that." He looked sheepish but a small smile flicked across your face, while a dozen questions billowed in your mind.

"Th-thank you." You stutter a murmur and smiled at him, he gave you a little bow and a mocking smile. "But can I ask…how…why…" You couldn't formulate your question. The boy grinned even more as if he was in on a private joke. "How did winter save me when I almost drowned because of it? And…how can you refreeze the ice? That's not possible." You asked.

"Oh it's because I'm the spirit of winter." He replied totally blasé. You kind of thought that he was blasé on purpose. You waited and he peeked up at you from being completely interested in his staff. You weren't sure whether to laugh or shout. Indeed you'd had hundreds of visions of when a real legendary creature or person came along and this certainly wasn't how you imagined it. Also you began to think someone was playing a prank on you.

"You're…you're not saying you're Jack Frost are you?" You ask sceptically, thinking of the winter spirit stories your mother used to tell you as a child when you'd asked how the snow came to the earth. Again he gave you a small bow.

"Spirit of Winter and Guardian at your service." He lifted his staff in a strange sort of swooping motion and brought it back down again. You noticed then that the snow stopped. You shook your head.

"Okay, my imagination's gotten the better of me, you want it to be real but it can't be…" You mutter to yourself and then stared at him again and he looked back, waiting. He stepped forward a more ruminating emotion in his eyes, and you were too cold to step away. You watched him advance with eager eyes.

"In all my years I don't think I've ever come across a seventeen year old who wants all of what I am and my world to be real. You do believe though, if you didn't you wouldn't be able to see me, that's what's so amazing to me, I didn't expect that. You see, we are around as long as children and others believe in us."


"Myself, Santa who's actually called North, the Easter Bunny who really looks like something crossed between a bunny and a kangaroo and the sandman and the tooth fairy…" He murmured, trailing off into silence.

"I don't know whether to believe this or not." You admit, feeling overwhelmed and excited at the same time, you couldn't deny the pounding of your heart and the rushing of blood that heated your body. You desperately wanted it to be real, but how could it be when, logically, it couldn't? You stand in the snow with, the boy, Jack…Frost watching you.

"You want too though." His voice was eager and he smiled knowingly, for a moment you want to deny it but you can't bring yourself to do so.

"Yes." You admit in a small voice. Jack suddenly comes closer, so close, and wraps an arm around your waist, his face inches from yours, a smile tugging on his lips again. You start to shake and not because of the cold even though you are freezing, his grin widens and he lowers his voice playfully.

"Why don't I make you believe?" He lowered his voice into a deadly whisper, eyes sparkling, your heart does a stutter and before you can reply Jack jumps and takes you with him. You feel yourself leave the ground, the arctic air whipping your face and fluttering your hair, your stomach somersaulting like you've been on a roller coaster ride. Your cry is drowned out by Jacks sparkling laugh as he soared into the air, higher and higher. You peek down to see the glittering lake and forest being left behind.

Instinctively you wrap your arms around him as Jack flew. You couldn't allow yourself to scream but only gasp as he twirled and danced amidst the air and clouds. But when he did a loop you cried out, not with fear but pleasure, you laughed, your heart thumped loudly as your eyes beheld what Jack Frost could see.

Jack smirked as you grinned and whooped. You couldn't believe how wonderful the feeling was, a mixture of exhilaration and fear, assorted with wonder as you gazed at Jack Frost's face and his beautiful eyes - You had a thing for eyes – and your surroundings.
Suddenly Jack slowed and you were now hovering in mid-air. You clung him firmly with your feet dangling but you were no longer afraid. He smiled as you stared at the world below. The country and city in the distance and the villages were covered in a crystal white magic. It was white and still just as you were up there with Jack. It was so beautiful that emotion clogged up your chest. If it weren't for the cold you would stay up there forever.

"Watch." He whispered, capturing your attention and extended out his arm holding the staff. He gave it a smooth circular wave and a small blossoming blizzard of silvery azure crystals twirled from the staff, it spread, taken by the wind that he had created and abruptly it was snowing. Thick drifts of soft crystal snow descended down to the world below in a silent parade. You gaped mesmerized for a while, unable to speak, and then turned to Jack. He was grinning again but melted glacier water eyes were very soft. "This is amazing Jack…and you're really lucky to be able to do all of this and see it…it must be so fun and…" Your words fall into silence, and you felt slightly awkward but Jack clutched you closer. The sense of security strengthened as he did so which you weren't sure you understood considering you were plane height up.

"Yeah it is awesome isn't it?" He said excitedly, "It's great on snow days; I chuck snowballs at little kids, to start a snowball fight. It's cool." He beamed. Despite yourself, you giggle.

"I throw snowballs at kids too." You admit and clap your hand to your mouth. You hadn't meant to say it like that. Jack blinked at you and then threw back his head and laughed his voice like…well it was the most wonderful sound in the world.

"I wasn't expecting that. You mean person." He winked at you and you couldn't understand why your heart sped up. You nudged him with your elbow which was quite an accomplishment considering you were pressed up so tightly against him.

"Only for fun and it's always with my baby sister." You chuckled.

"You have a younger sister?" He suddenly asked curiously, his eyes turned profounder and more considerate, he gazed right into your eyes and a small crease appeared as he frowned. You nodded. Jack looked away and there was so much sadness in his eyes, he looked forlorn.

"Can I ask you something?" You ask curiously, Jack raises a silver eyebrow at you, "Doesn't being what you are ever get lonely?" You wonder, Jack smiled but it wasn't the usual playful smile you were expecting in fact he suddenly looked older, sadder. You realised as you stared into his eyes and face again, there were layers upon layers of memory in Jack and all you wanted to do was hug him. So many emotions, sadness, happiness…

"Yeah but that's why I create snow days for kids and stuff and sometimes show myself to people if I can. I've got the other guardians now and teasing Bunnymund is always a perk." The smile in his eyes returned and you smiled back but you were deep in contemplation as he was.

"I'll take you down now shall I?" He murmured and you suddenly felt guilty, as if you'd stolen the magic of the moment.

"What's your top speed at flying?" You blurt out suddenly sure you could take him out of his brooding mood, Jack Frost was known in the stories to be a guardian of fun and mischief. Why not now? Jack raised his eyebrows. "I mean we were fast but still, maybe not that fast, and there are a lot of children who aren't snowball fighting. Looks like Jack Frost is losing his touch." You goad playfully.  Jack Frost's smile widened and he lent forwards, his face so close to yours you could feel his icy cold breath on your lips, as his breath touched your lips, it felt like you'd pressed your lips onto a windowpane of frost.

"Is that a challenge…?" He whispered again his voice velvet and smooth but underlined with enthusiasm and mischief. You gulp.

"Umm." He took that as a yes, he grinned wickedly, and then with a flip you were hurtling down. This time you did scream, the cry tearing out of your lungs until you couldn't breathe, your stomach clenching. Jack and you plunged down to the world below, lower and lower and you realised through a hazy of wind and tears that you were near the ground, and heading right for it.

"J-JACK!" You screech but all you hear in reply is a bubbling laugh like winter bells and at the last moment he swoops the two of you up into the hair, your feet grazing the snow, unleashing a white plume of sprinkled white. You clasp him as you pass two gathering of kids on either side of the road. He stops and winks at you and with his other arm holding the staff he flicked it and a shower of snow and snowballs bombarded both groups. Within moments the two groups were laughing and snowball fighting. Jack tucked his staff under his arm and picked up a glittering round ball of snow and blew. The breath that left his mouth was blue and iced lined and the snowball shimmered with the deep glacier blue. He threw it and a sparkle emitted around the child that had been the victim of such a snowball.

Jack was laughing and you were laughing. You realised that as long as jack held you, the children couldn't see you as they didn't register your presence or the fact you were flying with a silver haired boy, so you smirked wickedly and chucked a snowball at another child's back, but by Jack's unimpressed grimace, you realised your aim wasn't that good. Undaunted but riled by his expression, you picked up another one and chucked it with all the power you could muster. It slapped a child in the face and they toppled over with a cry of shock. This time Jack chortled and a warm glow of pride, excitement and nervous hope bubbled and coiled in your stomach, the warmth inching into your chest, like a band was squeezing your insides into a mushy mess.

You weren't sure how much time had passed but you soon found yourself airborne again. You didn't question where he was taking you, but just smiled as he talked. You listened attentively, drinking in his words like they were precious gems, eyes glued to his face to memorize every feature. You were going to draw him later on you decided. He spoke of the war with Pitch, how the guardians had fought, how Jack had discovered who he was before the person he was now. Then Jack was dropping down into the woods outside your house. You both touched down softly but you couldn't steady yourself, your legs felt wobbly and uncertain. Jack chuckled and placed his staff against a tree and held you close. Your heart was still racing but it tripled its beat as he gave you his most beautiful smile.

"After all our adventures today, I don't even know your name." He confessed almost guiltily his long white fingers reaching out to sweep random strands of your hair away from your face which is stiff and frozen. You roll your eyes at him; you find it very easy to be with Jack.

"Interesting, considering I know a lot about you now." You giggled and he smiled gently, you breathe in, "(Name). My name is (name)." You murmur.

"(Name)" He repeated thoughtfully and tucked a lock of hair behind your cold throbbing ear, the tips of his fingers brushing your cheekbones. A flush crept up on you even though his fingers felt like ice.

"Thank you for today, it was…beyond amazing…you saved my life and then took me for a fly and a game of create a snowball war between children and made it snow and told me about your world. It's so strange to think there's something other" You stare up at him to see him chuckling. "It's been magical."

"So you believe in me then?" His voice slightly uncertain even worried. "You didn't think it was a dream and that I would drop you?"

"Oh I never doubted you." You said firmly and he laughed. "I suppose you show yourself to a lot of girls." You couldn't hide the jealousy and longing in your tone and you weren't sure why you said it, you couldn't help it, it had been a thought when he was flying with you. He grinned with his perfectly straight white teeth.

"Only those who believe and as I said, I've never come across someone who believes as strongly as you do. Especially at your age."

"Comforting." You mutter dryly.

"Someone jealous?" He teased his annoyingly beautiful smile wide on his white face. You suddenly noticed how his hair shimmered like freshly fallen snow or the glimmer of frost in morning light. You mutter under your breath at him.

"Might be, what if I am?" Your voice thick, you look away your face suddenly burning like you'd been lying on the snow. Why even mention these things? He was a free winter Spirit, no responsibilities or anything, just him and fun. Your chest started to ache painfully as you realised, you probably wouldn't see Jack again after today, tears water in your eyes but you snap internally at yourself for being silly, you also felt embarrassed at asking such a question, even mentioning it! Cold fingers gently take your chin and lift your face so you were staring into his blue eyes, swirling with the emotions and memories of more than one lifetime. His face was so close that you couldn't speak or even dare breathe to quickly or harshly.

"Then I think it's very flattering and extremely endearing, that you believe so willingly in me and you're jealous of the one other girl I've actually shown myself too, which was years ago." You part your lips to retort something when his arms grasp your waist more firmly, wrapping the other arm around you, pulling you close so your body curved to meet his and his mouth was on yours. The cold was radiating from him but you couldn't care less, his grinning lips pressed firmly against yours. His fingers caressed your cold face and you sink into the kiss like sinking into a blanket of snow. His lips were like ice, unyielding, but as soft as the powdered snow. They burned with coldness and heat and in the kiss you could taste the gentleness, the sadness and exhilaration that came from Jack. You clutched the fabric of his frost woven jumper and lean in. His kiss felt urgent and you replied in kind. You'd never been kissed, or ever kissed anyone yet but you couldn't help but love it. Your heart pounded and heat blossomed all over your skin like you'd been dropped into the lake again.

You weren't aware of time, all you could hear was the beating of both your hearts and the way Jack Frost held you and his kiss.

Eventually he pulled away, you didn't because you'd never experienced something so wonderful and you doubt you would again. His very presence, his scent was alike the smell of winter, cool, fresh and crisp. Jack lent his forehead against yours, both breathing heavily, his cold breath lining your lips with minute iced frost. You blink up at him, your chest and stomach buzzing with swirling twisting sensations.

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips and his eyes were very tender. You smile back, your heart still somersaulting.

"How was that for an adventure?" He murmured quietly.

"Beyond amazing." You breathe and he laughed in delight and satisfaction. He lent in again and kissed you softly but this time you were ready. This second kiss felt like the silent and soft falling of midnight snow, as eager as before but more tender. You shivered as his fingers traced your jaw and the side of your neck, and you were sure a small trail of glittering frost were left under his touch. You both pulled away again and he ran a thumb across your cheekbones and your lips.

"I think you've had more than enough adventure for one day (Name)." He murmured and stepped back. Panic builds in your chest.

"I won't see you again will I…" You whisper, feeling the aching pain of heartbreak building in your chest. One day, one boy. Never again. How unfair was that? You suddenly felt angry for him kissing you, for leaving you with that anti-climax, the build-up of hope and the crash down of heartbreak. Jack Frost picked up his staff and turned to you. A roughish grin pulled at his lips and he came forward and held you close. You lent your forehead against his cold chest, feeling his hand on your hair. He kisses the top of your forehead and looks straight into your eyes.

"You will. I promise. You're not getting away from me that easily. Besides I've been watching you for a while now," He chuckled. You leant back at him confused but the anger melted away like frost in the sunlight thaw.
"But…I thought you didn't like having things tying you down or responsibility…you like your freedom." You whispered uncertainly.

"Yeah but I hadn't met you had I?" He winked and you rolled your eyes, you didn't feel so special. As if reading your thoughts he shakes his silver haired head.

"You're amazing you know that? You're so different to other girls… I'll come back I promise, maybe we could visit North and Bunnymund and the other guardians?" He suggested playfully. You grin and hug him, both for his promise and the fear that he might forget, you hug him fiercely. He laughs.

"Wait you've…you've been watching me?" So much was processing in your mind that that detail had only just been raised in your incoherent thoughts. Jack scratched the back of his head looking sheepish, a small smile on his lips.

"Well…as I said, you're different from other girls and so I've been keeping an eye on you. If I hadn't you'd be…" He bit his lip but his gaze was tender and almost loving. Your heart stuttered…no boy had ever said anything like that or even looked at you the way Jack did.

You pondered over this and then took his hand, your heart thrashing but a small gleaming smile was on Jack's lips as you inched closer. You felt…well…like you could fall into the snow and stay there the whole night. Then suddenly Jack pressed his hand to the small of your back again and his lips to yours once more murmuring your name with a small groan. You pulled apart again and you swallowed.  

"You won't come back in fifty years' time though? You will come back soon?" He laughed louder, the sound rocketing through the woods as you pouted trying to be serious.

"Hey, honestly (Name) I'm not that bad. I'll come back; I want to see you again." His voice dropped into a whisper, and then with a final soft tender kiss, like the press of windowpane frost on your frozen lips he vanished.

You blink and then a grin widened on your face. Your heart pummelled in your chest and you pressed your fingers to your lips in wonder where his kisses still lingered like flakes of frost.  

"I'll be waiting Jack Frost; you're not getting away from me that easily either. Oh and by the way, I'd always wanted to live in a place where its winter all the time!" You shout into the silent woods, you grin as you hear a bubbling like laugh from an invisible person twirl around you. She almost heard his words 'as if you mere mortal human could catch me!' A flurry of snow and wind whooshed up from beside you and a vortex of snow fluttered from a departure. You smile gently and turn in the direction of your house.

You're freezing, shaking, probably with hypothermia you think, and you're suddenly aware of the blueness of your hands, your lips were probably the same… but you'd met the Winter Spirit.

You'd met Jack Frost and he had kissed you. You'd never felt more alive and more warm in your life.

And you loved it.
So i havnt seen Rise of The Guardians yet but i am next week. From trailers and other writings and clips i have gleamed some aspect of Jacks personality and i hope i got it right.
I am going to say now that from the first teaser trailer i was in love with Jack, he's an awesome character and i thouroughly enjoyed writing this! Its my first Character x Reader and i hope i did okay. Its long but its supposed to be. Just bear with it. I know i need to improve and learn to cut down.

Also should i continue this? Maybe have Jack come back? Up to you lot. Let me know.

EDIT- Flip my you so much to everyone who has favourited and commented this...i honestly didnt expect this to be so popular, i'm utterly shocked and honoured. I will eb continuing this due to the demands and i hope you like the next part which i am working on, but i wanted to say thank you to all your support and praise, I've never expereinced that before, thank you!

UPDATE - 4.8.13 - I know alot of you are asking me to continue this and I am and i know it's been months and i know your frustrated and I am too but please don't give up on me yet, alot has happened since January/febuary time and I have to admit I'm really struggling with the second part, inspiration is hard to get and also whatever i write doesn't seem right, I am also worried that people won't like it as much, but stay tuned over the next month because i promise you now it will be finished and up and i will put up a link on here for you all to next chapter. But i want to thank you so much for all the support and encouragment and love for this peice of writing, i never thought anything i did would be popular, thank you so much for the amazing patience with me!

The writing belongs entirley to me, do not take, use, mainuplate etc (c)
The character Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians are copyright to DreamWorks, William Joyce and their respective owners, All rights reserved. (c)
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as i realize there is no part 2 right? well i really wish there would be because i read a lot of Jack fanfics and although you didn't catch Jack Frost well 'perfectly' ( as if that's posible) that's one of the best fanfic i've read and after you surely saw the movie already, i really would be hapy if you'd make a part 2 :)) because this story is different to the others and it Matches very well to Jack Frost :))
ImJustHereThanks Mar 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Omg so good!!!
Awesomely amazing! :D
deaththekidluvr8 Feb 6, 2014  Student General Artist
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THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!! This is really only the second Jack Frost reader-insert that I've ever read, but I think that it will be a favorite for a rather long time! You did a fantastic job! I'm an editor, and if there were any mistakes, I didn't notice them, and I get really distracted by them! Thank you for writing this! I've never seen RoTG, but from what I gather, you wrote Jack perfectly!!!!
Bloodysue Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
first time reading a Jack Frost fan fiction - I love, love, love it! :)
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I am really really enjoying this
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Loved it so muchhhh
Artistmema123 Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I give it 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 5 stars
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